Gringa Productions was home grown a decade ago in a New Mexican village outside Santa Fe. The company’s first film was House of Rock, a documentary about caveists and their homes blasted from rock. Rockumentary WE LIKE TO DRINK: We Like to Play Rock’n’Roll follows The Unband in a hilarious, non-fiction mockumentary. This film has something for the rock as well as the doc fans, has screened internationally, winning awards and cult status. In production, the ME film follows Lexie’s integrative healing path as a fourth generation breast cancer recipient. The Breast Wishes Fund is the community outreach aspect of the ME film. Our mission is to make integrative breast cancer treatment and breast wellness easily accessible to women of all ages.

the ME film

In the first hours of a breast cancer diagnosis, surgeons frequently suggest women remove their breasts, lymph nodes and sometimes ovaries, as prophylactic for future cancers. Surgical survival rates are recorded though what about the “anecdotes” of people who have lived with cancer for a decade…[More]

WE LIKE TO DRINK: We Like to Play Rock’n’Roll
The Unband made every beautiful mistake a power trio can before imploding under the weight of their success and the fallout from a variety of celebratory pastimes. What made them THE Unband? [More]

House of Rock

“House of Rock” is a rockumentary about caveists and their homes that have been blasted from rock. Highlights include a celestial pluralist family, a survivalist and his brother, an artist who sculpts (and blows up!) a rock house, an escapist and his young caveboy, and a geologist and his son…[More]
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