House of Rock

“House of Rock” is a rockumentary about caveists and their homes that have been blasted from rock. Highlights include a celestial pluralist family, a survivalist and his brother, an artist who sculpts (and blows up!) a rock house, an escapist and his young caveboy, and a geologist and his son. These awe inspiring homes are located throughout the “Four Corners” red rock country of America’s Southwest. For thousands of years, these desolate canyons and domes of rock have lured adrenaline junkies and characters.

The Johnson family are living in a 16 x 9 trailer, patiently waiting for Grant to complete the 3000 square foot, naturally temperature controlled rock home. Formerly a uranium miner, Grant solitarily drills, loads the holes with dynamite and detonates an exciting megaforce of explosives. He explains the entire process as he goes to viewers.

How does one man provide shelter for his three wives and thirty-nine children? In a half mile long rock. “Rockland Ranch” has five completed homes with several “holes” waiting for carpenters to frame. Bob and his familys’ frank explanations about their pluralist lifestyle promotes universal understanding beyond their decision to live in a rock.

The Tangren Brothers invite us to their version of Shangri-la, Tangri-la! We tour a motel, color coded by room, and the main house. Their comical collections around the grounds include a thousand pound bomb, a stuffed jackalope and everything you need to survive. Bud and Ed show viewers the makings of the future Tangri-la “Indian Village”.

The only thing these homeowners and several others seen in the film have in common is that they are all caveists. This eccentric, offbeat, southwest “house tour” is informative, humorous, and totally engaging. Discover the thrills of positive living in a negative space. Have a BLAST through these fascinating characters’ lifestyles and each of their “House of Rock”.